ensure simplicity, transparency, tracability and security

Modernize your services and for more people

Provide an efficient deposit service in fiat

Use the Blockchain technology to manage deposits of users in a secure and easy way, and without any outside party. The Blockchain manages the deposit accounts in a transparent and secure way but the money is in fiat in a bank account. This means no money in Blockchain although users benefit from the use of smart contracts.

This service allows financial organisations increasing bank deposits and simplifying the management of bank accounts as far as there is only one bank account for many users. This is also a way to provide solutions to more than two billion of people in the world, who today has no access to financial services.

Easily certify pictures or documents without an outside party

Pictures or documents are signed by one or two parties and with a print and a timestamp in the Blockchain. With a connected smartphone, the certification process is also secure and very easy. The signatories just need their private key QR code printed on a paper or stored in a secure element of their smartphone. 

This is a way to reduce drastically disputes between parties and claims can be more easily solved by a third party. Imagine all the applications for the insurance sector ! 

We can include these use cases in any mobile application.  As an example, we demoed with at Finovate London 2018 a modernized delivery process for C2C web platforms with secure digital authentication, deposit account management and picture timestamp. Watch our demo.

Modernize your services and for more people

You Have

• A significant volume of operations
• A complex chain of contributors and multiple stakeholders
• The ability to integrate new solutions

You Must

• Offer efficient services
• Increase the bank deposits of large number of users
• Symplify settlement of claims and sinisters

You Want

• Pilot and improve service rates
• Provide easy access to financial services
• Manage user accounts automatically

Result-oriented solutions

connecting all the benefits of the Blockchain
Result-oriented solutions


of documents and transactions without recourse to an intermediary


of recurring tasks of bank deposits with "smart contracts"


to secure financial data following predefined rules


each deposit and transfer and its author, and store data without risk of loss, alteration or falsification


of time-consuming and expensive steps of treatment


of transactions, deposits and bank transfers

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Tangible Results

Tangible Results

To carry out your project, Piloteo provides as well high level advise to define and identify your specific needs, than advanced design and development of customised mobile applications and prototypes, and also operational support for the roll-out of your project.

This end-to-end approach provides your organisation concrete results:

  • Transparent tracking of deposits
  • Reduced fraud
  • Simplified back-office tasks
  • Real-time control of transfers and deposits
  • Optimised management of bank accounts
  • Controlled invoicing and payment
  • Increased customer satisfaction