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Innovation and Forward-thinking

IT consulting, design and management of Blockchain applications

Piloteo is a forward-thinking IT consulting, design and developpement company who values transparency and innovation and understands Blockchain’s potential.

Our mission is to develop and design innovative business applications based on proven principles and capitalising on certification, traceability and automation.

IT consulting, design and management of Blockchain applications

Experienced Team

• An experienced team in Project Management and IT Development.
• A Senior Consultant who knows which challenges your organisation is facing
• A strategic partnership with MME.

Result-oriented Approach

End-to-end know-how covering:
• high-level Advises
• advanced Design and Development of customised mobile applications and prototypes,
• Operational Support for the roll-out of the project

Track-record expertise

• Development of a "smart delivery" prototype for e-commerce platform in 2017
• Design of a several connected modular mobile platforms combining Blockchain and IoT

John Doe
Founder & CEO

Frédéric Vedrunes

After having started his career as IT Engineer in France, Frederic served in Moscow as CEO of OTEIS Russia from 2008 through early 2016 and was responsible for architecture, construction engineering and project management for shopping center and logistics projects.

Frédéric is interested since 2011 in Blockchain technology with the emerging Bitcoin currency, and from 2014 in smart contracts.

In June 2016, he came up with the idea of using the Blockchain to secure peer-to-peer parcel deliveries. In September 2016, he presented the concept at the Blockchain International Conference of Shanghai and in June 2017 he launchs a first prototype.

Bolstered by the success of this project, and backed up by a team of experienced IT developers, he founds in July 2017 Piloteo (formerly called PassLfix) providing services to French, Russian and International companies.

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What they say about us


The prototype developped by Piloteo can act as the fundament for completely new forms of delivery services and has definitely a huge potential to improve already existing logistics processes.


We hope that the prototype serves as inspiration to the coders and developers out there working on the next big decentralized thing. May the Force be with you!

Jeremy Nation - ETHNEWS

The new delivery system may prove to be a better choice for consumers. When using a traditional postal service, once the sender pays there is no way to extract value from the service in the event of a late delivery. With the possibility of a courier’s diminishing PASS deposits due to a lack of timeliness, the system incentivizes punctuality in a way the current industry does not.

Jeremy Nation - ETHNEWS