track and secure objects during transport or rental

Efficient, low-cost, decentralized, mobile, easy-to-use and secure!

C2C web platforms are in a growing trend but what limits their development is the lack of guarantee in case of theft, loss or deterioration during transport or rental.

Our solution is to connect the smartphone to the Blockchain, which allows to handle smart contracts and to manage deposits of users in a secure way and without any outside party. Furthermore, we track on real-time objects by using the connected smartphone of the holder for transmitting telemetry data (temperature, GPS ...) to a processing engine.

Watch the video of our prototype for a secure peer-to-peer parcel delivery and our demo of a modern delivery process presented with Smartify.it at Finovate London 2018 . 

What about you? Provide to your users an efficient and easy-to-use service for tracking and securing physical assets. Accelerate your development with users who want more quality and more security for a low-cost.

Efficient, low-cost, decentralized, mobile, easy-to-use and secure!

Result-oriented solutions

connecting all the benefits of the Blockchain
Result-oriented solutions


of pictures, documents and transactions without recourse to an intermediary


of recurring tasks with "smart contracts"


to secure financial data following predefined rules


each picture, document, deposit and transfer and store data without risk of loss, alteration or falsification


of time-consuming and expensive steps of treatment


of transactions, pictures and metrics

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