Piloteo partners with P-ACS to create Smartify.it

Piloteo partners with P-ACS to create Smartify.it

Piloteo has partnered with P-ACS for the creation of a new company: Smartify.it.

This new, Munich based entity, customs mobile Blockchain applications able to optimise, automate and monitor business processes mainly in the fields of Supply Chain, Facility Management or C2C ecommerce market places.

This technological partnership, allows Piloteo to provide together with Smartify.it teams comprehensive applications combining smart contracts on blockchain technology, real-time data platforms and IoT sensors to answer specific needs, such as transferring assets with or without deposit, tracking objects or the environment, registering services and business processes on a trusted decentralised ledger or automating contractual terms execution and financial flows.

Additional information:
Frédéric Vedrunes - f.vedrunes@piloteo.com


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