Looking for reliable solutions to optimise your Supply Chain Management and improve your Warehouse Efficiency?


Want to improve your Facility Management and enhance the way you operate your Buildings, Contractors and Office Spaces?


Seeking to improve your Industrial Efficiency and Operational Processes?

Financial Transparency

Need to better secure and monitor your financial transactions?


Increase your on-going business operations thanks to Blockchain technologies!

Take advantage of the blockchain technology to unlock the potential of your business!

Take advantage of the blockchain technology to unlock the potential of your business!

Discover how Blockchain technologies can improve the way you process information and impact your organisation’s performance by both, increasing transparency and efficiency, and reducing risks and costs.

Consulting, design and piloting of innovative Blockchain solutions

Piloteo helps you leverage major improvement opportunities which could be addressed by emerging technologies like Blockchain to overcome your business challenges.

Consulting, design and piloting of innovative Blockchain solutions

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Why use Blockchain? Benefits in a Nutshell

Regardless of the application, Blockchain offers major advantages to better pilot your business:

Certification of documents & transactions

Traceability of processes

Autonomous applications

Enhanced transparency

Improved efficiency

Optimized costs

Increased security

Raised tamper-resistance

Advanced monitoring

Collaborate with an Experienced Team in Project Management and IT Development

Take advantage of Strategic Advice and Technical Expertise to improve your Business Efficiency by using Blockchain Technologies.

Discover the steering levers to better control your business

Piloteo advises its clients from the design to the operational roll-out of innovative solution for your Supply Chain, Facility Management and Industry Efficiency

CONSULTING Comprehensive Undestanding

Advice and conceptualisation of Blockchain and IoT solutions to better manage physical assets, contracts and business processes.

What applications for your business?

APPLICATION & POCWorkable Solutions

Design of mobile applications combining Blockchain and IoT and conduct Proofs of Concept.

Track record expertise

PILOTING & ROLL-OUTLaunch in Real Life

Proactive Monitoring and Support for the roll-out of your project and the dedicated mobile application.

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